The Maven of Magnum: Ivanka Trump Launches Luxury Ice Cream Bar in Toronto

Craving: Ivanka Trump touched down in Toronto yesterday to promote the launch of Magnum Ice Creams in Canada

Ivanka Trump and her billionaire bump can be excused for indulging in an ice cream or even three. Radiant in her expectant state, she was the perfect choice to promote Magnum Ice Cream bars in Canada last night. The 29-year-old business woman and reality star, wore a flattering black wrap to showcase her fab figure. The Apprentice star paired the dress with black peep-toe pumps and a small black clutch. The heiress also recently debuted her classic and fresh new accessory line called the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewellery Collection. Ivanka’s newborn will not be the only new addition to the Trump dynasty. Her brother Donald Trump Jr is also expecting a new baby – his third with wife Vanessa – in the coming months.

With the kind of welcome usually reserved for rock stars, Ivanka Trump charmed the intimate crowd at a mansion in Toronto Wednesday night, with an elaborate red carpet welcome, complete with statuesque models in chocolate body paint! The whirlwind Toronto visit is a marketing push to help the Canadian launch of Magnum ice cream bars (slogan “the World’s Pleasure Authority”), which have been a hit in Europe since their launch in 1988.

Magnum is having a contest to find a “Magnum heir” after the death of the brand’s fictitious creator. The prize includes $100,000 to spend within a year, a personal chef and chauffeur, and a $50,000 makeover which includes a personal shopper. Trump will also be using her social media expertise to promote the brand, and will have a say in selecting the winner.

Our take on it? Well, that’s simple. Would you rather pop a Magnum of Moet or a mere bottle? A magnum of course! And yes, the Magnum bar is LONGER than a Hagen Daas. And creamier. Magnum, you get our vote.


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