Holiday Tips from the vitaminwater Think Tank (Or Gossip Girl Loves C+Zinc)

STYLEGASM can’t help our addiction to the brain trust at vitaminwater. Or maybe we’ve got vintage Gossip Girl running on the cold weather channel. How else do all those spit-swapping co-stars keep their “petri dishes” clean and immune-boosted on set?

I mean, C+Zinc goes down pretty sweet (while boosting Sundance immunity) when added to Grey Goose.

But more than this, we love the message. Which is basically, hydrate for pete’s sake.

So here, we share forth the fave drop in our Inbox today:

annoying festive jingles, pervasive potluck invites, a trend-abuse of sparkle and sequins (actually, we’re ok with that one) … everywhere we turn, we’re reminded that the holidays have arrived, and that we have to tackle those dreaded shopping lists.  don’t worry – in the spirit of giving, your friends at glacéau vitaminwater are here to help with some tips that’ll breeze you through the holiday shopping season.


pack smart:  while your wallet will get lighter while you shop, your hands will become bogged down with purchases. ensure you only bring your must-haves in your bag: wallet, hydration, keys and smartphone – plus if you’re shopping indoors, leave your heavy coat at home.


buy local:  not interested in being a mall rat?  explore the stores in your neighbourhood and surprise friends and family with unique gifts such as artisan handicrafts, a gift certificate to a local cheese shop or espresso beans from your corner café.


theme-it-up:  identifying a gift theme with friends and family can minimize shopping time and avoid useless or duplicate gifts.  a few of our favourites include “fab under fifty”, “eco chic” and “homemade with love”.


earn your elf status:  the holidays are a great time to help those who are less fortunate.  charitable gifts are a smart choice, especially for that person who seems to have everything.  the options are limitless from adopting an elephant to providing a local family in need with groceries for a week – check out plan canada’s gift of hope catalogue for even more ideas.


fuel smart:  on average, we burn 140 calories an hour while shopping and we all know holiday shopping is quite the marathon!  don’t waste time in food courts, keep your body fueled with high protein snacks (e.g. nuts) and hydration.  glacéau vitaminwater defense raspberry-apple (c+zinc) and glacéau vitaminwater10 go-go mixed berry (c+b+e and only 10 calories per bottle!) are great-tasting on-the-go options that can provide an added energy and hydration boost.


shopping gps:  navigating stores during the holiday rush can require a lot of patience, a strong sense of direction (there is no time to get lost!) and hours of time.  while it is impossible to beat the crowds, try hitting the mall at off times (early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon), call ahead and place items on hold or shop online.

get your holiday groove on: make the most of your holiday shopping by getting into the festive mood. don’t fight the feeling – go ahead and don your cheeriest holiday sweater blast those carols and “ho, ho, ho” your way through the stores.  take things a step further and snap a pic with the man in red. tackling your shopping to do list when you are feeling the holiday spirit (rather than tired and cranky) will make you more productive, and you might even enjoy yourself.

buying for your blacklist:  there are times when you have to gift your frenemies, and while it may not bring you joy, it is possible to have some snarky fun. depending on what kind of message you want to send you could keep it civil but impersonal with coffee gift cards, chocolates or scented candles. but for those not-so-special someones on your list, our friends at waffles and falafels suggest a nose hair trimmer (obvious), a jar of peanuts (the christmas gift equivalent of getting raisins for halloween) or fruit cake (ew)!  check out more gems like these on starting dec 8th from guest bloggers waffles and falafels.


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