A is for Aldo Launch: Ring in the New Year with Red


ALDO recently launched the A for Aldo fragrance collection and held a swish, little soirée at the Andrew Richards Design studio in Toronto’s East End in celebration of the new addition. This fragrance collection is as cutting-edge as it is cool and gave spark to my imagination for the new year. ALDO remains a key mainstay for the fashion forward to source on trend shoes. Now the savvy retailer also offers a new fragrance collection, A is for ALDO ($15 – $45), with three scents for women and two scents for men. The color-coded collection was created in conjunction with two of the industry’s leading fragrance houses, Givaudan and Robertet, and is suited to fit the personality traits of the woman (or man) who wears it.

I always feel more excitement over selecting a fragrance for New Year’s Eve rather than labouring over a fleeting choice in cocktail dresses. My favorite aunt likes to say that how you meet the new year is how you will spend the rest of it. My adventures in scent and aromatherapy has all taken me all over the globe, continually to something new, unexpected and exciting. As I sought balance between pleasure and work, smelling and writing, discovering old favorites and exploring new arenas, I also found lots of support and inspiration in my fellow fragrance lovers, readers, friends and family.

ALDO’s new Red for her had me at Hello. It bears inner floral notes, accompanied by base notes of warm vanilla, sandalwood and musk, and delectable top notes of mandarin and peach. Red is designed for the sensual, passionate side, the woman who knows how to make her mark. This scent explores the classical woods theme, which it liberally ornaments with the cool freshness of florals. A beautiful musk note underpins the composition, lending it an effect that is both earthy and verdant. A smooth sandalwood note wraps this elegant composition, totally delish!

The choices for women are Red, Yellow and Blue, and Red and Yellow for men.

“Colors are like personalities,” says ALDO Creative Director, Douglas Bensadoun. “Scents can be complex, but everyone knows their favorite color. We’ve translated the A is for ALDO fragrance collection…defined by color. It’s never been easier to find yourself.”

Yellow for her is inspired by the lush summertime flowers found in the gardens of the Italian Riviera. The scent is a whimsical mix of grapefruit zest and mandarin, neroli blossoms, orange blossom, honeysuckle and jasmine commingle. Yellow is for the playful, enchanting girl who will be a girl forever. This one says to me, “All is well in the world. Douglas Bensadoun understands his audience perfectly. Bravo.”

Blue for her begins with a citrus cocktail, shaken with freesia and bergamot, and is also accented by heliotrope, jasmine, magnolia, sandalwood, cocoa, tonka bean and vanilla. Blue is for the sexy, glamorous and seductive woman. A classical citrus composition, Blue nevertheless hides a few surprises under it’s jasmine top accord. A rich animalic note lends the composition quite a sensual aura. Unlike many heavier tonka bean and vanilla accented scents, Blue is rendered transparent and gauzy, and yet it retains the beautiful complexity of natural jasmine.

Interactive stations were set up around the venue and guests were encouraged to select from a range of images to choose the ones they were most drawn to. The composite of choices was then brought together to reveal which colour, and corresponding scent, was most tailored to your responses. A Is For ALDO is available in three sizes – a handy 10ml roller, and 30ml and 75ml bottles.


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