There’s No Place Like Holt Renfrew for Lauren Bush Lauren and the FEED Foundation

What’s better than a feel-good bag that you can only get in at your fave retailer in Canada? And who doesn’t love a strategically placed T Logo? Holt Renfrew, FEED and Tory Burch have partnered to create a limited-edition, worldwide-exclusive tote to benefit the FEED Foundation and the Tory Burch Foundation.

In a true collaboration, the tote marries the motifs of the two organizations with FEED’s traditional burlap and Tory Burch’s coy color combinations and signature detailing. The bag features the Tory Burch logo and is offered in a variety of colour combinations. A portion of proceeds from sales of the $50 tote will support each respective foundation. Holt Renfrew’s goal is to raise $100,000, to contribute to 500,000 meals for children and $50,000 in microfinance and mentoring support. In turn, this empowers women and children by investing in their futures.

The tote bags will be available for purchase through beginning April 30 and in Holt Renfrew stores across Canada May 10. To mark the product launch, Holt Renfrew  welcomed FEED co-founder Lauren Bush Lauren, the niece of former U.S. president George W. Bush and granddaughter of ex-president George H. W. Bush to Toronto.

“FEED is thrilled to partner with Tory Burch and Holt Renfrew to create and sell a product that will provide much needed food and nutrition to children around the world through the FEED Foundation as well as empower women through the Tory Burch Foundation. This bag is a fashionable do-gooder’s dream come true!”- Lauren Bush Lauren

FEED “came from an idea I had as a student when I travelled with the UN World Food program,” said Bush Lauren, who charmed the crowd at her in-store appearance at Holt’s flagship Bloor St. location.

“I was inspired to give back to their school feeding program, which provides free school lunches to kids in 62 of the poorest countries,” the former model said. “It’s not only insuring kids would have this one nutritious meal a day, but it gets kids to go to school and stay in school.”

“I saw pictures of the food being distributed in big burlap bags and I thought that was cool and really reflected the cause,” said Bush Lauren. “It’s important that the esthetic help raise awareness and is in line with what we’re trying to do.”

She uses any opportunity to promote her burlap bags, even finding uses for it that go beyond the supermarket. She’s been photographed wearing them to swanky formal galas.

“The story behind this exclusive product is as exceptional as is the tote bag itself.  Holt Renfrew is proud to bring this project to life and to support such important causes,” said Alexandra Weston, Holt Renfrew’s Director, Brand Strategy.

“I am so thrilled to partner with FEED on this initiative,” says Tory Burch CEO and designer Tory Burch. “I have always admired the organization’s mission to help children around the world. When this opportunity came up we didn’t have to think twice — the collaboration between Holt Renfrew, FEED, our brand and our foundation was a natural fit from beginning.”

By Si Si Penaloza


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