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About Si Si Penaloza, Founder, STYLEGASM

Si Si Penaloza got her start with the support of a few key mentors: Jim Tobler and Luisa Rino at NUVO Magazine, Avril Benoit at the CBC and Morley Nirenberg at CTV. In the “media industrial complex”, engaging in inventive collaborations with a mentor is 90% of getting a solid start.

Career highlights include:

Interviewing the cast of Babel and Shortbus in the same day at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. From Brad Pitt to John Cameron Mitchell  in under an hour –  talk about social surrealism at its best. Catching a breathless moment with George Clooney at the Dubai International Film Festival on the eve of the Michael Clayton premiere. Nabbing a quote from Elizabeth Hurley at the Chopard gala and chatting with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman at the XMEN 3 red carpet as Segment Producer and On-Air Host for Living the Life on CTV, E! and SKY.

Si Si Penaloza is a seasoned print, radio and broadcast specialist. Her work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, ELLE, FLARE, The National Post, CTV, CBC and ET Canada, E! and SKY. She was the Founding Editorial Director of and in 2010, after only 2 short years, added enough content value to attact a buyer in publishing powerhouse, Transcontinental Media. The company was sold in June of 2010.

Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Bowdoin College in Maine, Si Si moved to Manhattan to study Film at New York University. Her strengths lie in contextualizing relevant content for a broad audience. She’s driven to stay competitive and at the top of the market – commissioning exclusive features and launching bold initiatives.

Her new network of sites allow Penaloza to create synergies and sparks between all the positive and productive engagements in her career to date.


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